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It’s all about Balance


If you’re like most of us, juggling work, relationships, children, exercise and the many daily activities of living is easier said than done.  Trying to squeeze a vacation or even just some fun-time into an already hectic schedule is getting more and more difficult as our lives become more demanding.  Life in the fast lane seems to never slow down long enough to stop and smell the roses.  We work hard so we can afford the things in life we enjoy, but because we are so busy working, we many times skip the most important part of the process….the enjoying!  How many times have we had to give up that vacation in order to work?  Just how high a priority is that annual vacation anyway?

If time isn’t the problem, money most certainly is.  A recent survey found that the number one factor preventing Americans from taking that all important time out was expense.  More often than not, the travel budget is the first thing to go out the window when an unexpected bill comes up.  Sure, the house payment, insurance, food, utilities, the car payment ….all these take priority and the responsible thing is to put them first, right?

Not necessarily!  Where do “we” fit in priority-wise?  Researchers say that vacations rank among the most effective of de-stressing strategies, and stress gets top billing for the cause of many otherwise preventable illnesses.  For our health, relationships, family, and even our sanity we need to take a break from our hectic lives.  It doesn’t mean we need to travel across the globe, but we should find a way to fit a vacation in every year, even if only a low-cost, no-frill getaway.  Some of my favorite vacations were my family camping trips we took as kids.  It’s not the distance, or even the length of the holiday; even a long weekend will recharge your batteries.  And let’s not forget how important it is to re-kindle the romance after ten years of marriage!

Next time you sit down and work the budget, make sure to allocate a set amount into the “fun-fund” and,  just as if it were for the mortgage, the amount is set in stone and cannot be taken away from.  By the end of the year, without having to touch a credit card,  you can take a much needed, and well earned vacation.


There are 7 days in a week. “Someday” is not one of them.



This is YOUR YEAR!  The year you finally make it happen! Land that perfect job… reach your target weight…take that trip of a lifetime.  Whatever it is that you feel will add to your happiness, the time to ask for it is now.  Not next year, not five years from now, but now.  We have all heard people say, “Time is precious, Life waits for no-one, No time like the present” and they’re right!  We all have the opportunity to change anything we are not 100% happy with in our lives.  It is up to us, not some outside source, to bring us happiness.  If you are unhappy at work, start looking for another job.  If you have always wanted to travel the world, put it out there.  Even if it seems impossible right now, make it your goal to change whatever it is in your life that you want to change.

The “how” is not so important; for now, just focus on the “what”.  Most say to be specific in your goals.  True, we should know exactly what it is we are asking for in our lives.  But, how it will come to be is something that is still an unknown.  We can find a million reasons why this will never happen or that can’t be.  The possibilities are limitless and opportunities have not yet been revealed.  It makes sense that we should remain open to all of them, even if we cannot even begin to imagine what they may be at this point in time. Just believe that somehow, someway, it WILL happen!

Get yourself a nice journal, put it near your bed and write in it every night before you go to sleep.  Make sure to include the things already in your life that make you happy, and add what it is that you would like to change to make it even better!

It is truly amazing to witness the power of intention at work in our lives.  Nonsense you say?  Try it!  It really does work.  I have found journals from many many years ago and like a checklist, one by one, all those “someday dreams” I had jotted down are now realities today.   If you want it bad enough, and it will serve you, it will come to fruition.  And while we can’t always control the timing, when we ask for it, it will come our way.

Think of all the things you have achieved in your life up to this point.  At one time, all these things in your life today were just ideas, goals, desires.  Things you wanted someday.  And you made every one of them real.  Draw on those successes.  Remind yourself of how they came to be; some you probably worked very hard for; you wanted it so bad and nothing could stand in your way.  Then there are those that just seemed to come easy…those you can look back at in wonder and awe at how they just seemed to appear like magic!  You never in your wildest of imaginations could have conjured up the series of events that took place to get you there.  But you got there just the same.  Draw on those experiences if you need a reminder.  And never forget to be grateful for what you already have.








When setting your goals, aim high!  The Sky is the limit; the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves by underestimating what we are capable of.  Remember,  IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT WON’T CHANGE YOU!

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.” ~ Michelangelo

Here’s what I learned about goals after a 25 year career in sales.  The very first thing we learned was goal setting…. before we learned about the product, before we learned “the pitch”, and before we were ever allowed to speak to our first client, our weekly, monthly and annual goals had to be written out and approved by a manager.  Goals need to be specific; not only what you want to achieve, but precisely how you plan on getting there. Financial,  health, personal…. short term, long term; we wrote them out, recited them aloud, revised them, and lived by them.  And those of us who believed them, achieved them.

“I’ll see it when I believe it”  -unknown-